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Unsure if allergy drops are for you? Review some of the most frequently asked questions about allergy drops.

Why have an Allergist treat my allergies?2024-02-03T21:35:10+00:00

Because primary care doctors are in the habit of treating allergies and asthma with pills or sprays. They’re not treating the cause or the underlying problem. It’s easy to write prescriptions rather than spend the necessary time to uncover the problem.

Will my insurance cover the costs of the allergy drops?2024-02-03T21:34:32+00:00

At the present time, health insurance carriers will not cover the cost of allergy or sublingual drops. However, we suspect this may change within the next year.

How much do Natural Allergy Drops cost?2024-02-03T21:34:11+00:00

Our current charge for allergy drops are between $45 – $50/month. Our fee has remained the same for more than 8 years.

It is not uncommon to spend $35 or more a month for over the counter antihistamines and sinus medications which ONLY treat symptoms! Chronic allergies are not going away when you treat symptoms with medication.

How often do I take sublingual Natural Allergy Drops?2024-02-03T21:33:26+00:00

Patients take two allergy drops under the tongue once a day every day. It is important you take sublingual Natural Allergy Drops every day since they reduce allergy symptoms and the need for allergy medications. Our sublingual Natural Allergy Drops have a sweet and pleasant taste and do have to be refrigerated.

How long will I have to be on sublingual Natural Allergy Drops?2024-02-03T21:33:03+00:00

On average, you will need to be on sublingual Natural Allergy Drops for two to three years, depending on the severity of your allergies. Remember, this is a slow process to build up your immunity. In comparison, the standard course of therapy for allergy shots is five years.

Are sublingual allergy drops as effective as allergy shots?2024-02-03T21:32:38+00:00

In over 9 years of treating hundreds of patients, the answer is definitely yes! In fact, I believe they are superior to shots. First, patients symptoms improve much faster than with allergy injections. It is not uncommon to see improvement within a few weeks to months with allergy drops. The opposite is true with shots.

The quick response time with allergy drops leads to higher compliance and patient satisfaction.

Are sublingual allergy drops approved by the FDA?2024-02-03T21:32:11+00:00

Allergy drops contain the same-FDA approved substances found in allergy injections. The FDA has approved the allergy serum used in Natural Allergy Drops since it is the same allergy serum used in allergy injections. Administering allergy drops under the tongue, rather than by a shot, is considered an off-label use and it is within the doctor’s rights to do so.

Can I switch from allergy shots to Sublingual Natural Allergy Drops?2024-02-03T21:31:47+00:00

Yes. It’s easy to switch over to sublingual allergy drops. There is no build-up phase like you have with injections.

Can I take my allergy medication or antihistamines while I am on the sublingual Natural Allergy Drops?2024-02-03T21:31:22+00:00

Yes, but most our patients find they need less allergy medication within a very short time after starting sublingual allergy drops. Some patients have discontinued all allergy medications within a few months. If you are an asthmatic, we recommend you continue your asthma medication and consult with your primary care doctor.

Do not stop asthma medication without the supervision of your doctor no matter how good you feel as a result of using Natural Allergy Drops or in the absence of any asthma symptoms.

What are the side effects or reactions to sublingual Natural Allergy Drops?2024-02-03T21:30:26+00:00

It is very rare to have reactions with allergy drops. The most commonly reported reaction to allergy drops has been tingling or itchy mouth, which is generally mild and disappears within minutes. None of our patients have ever complained or had side effects from our sublingual allergy drops.

Are sublingual Natural Allergy Drops safe?2024-02-03T21:29:17+00:00

The safety of allergy drops has been well documented. Allergy drops have been used in Europe for more than 80 years. Because of their safety, people generally treat themselves at home. Allergy shots, on the other hand, are given in a doctor’s office and the patient is monitored for 20 to 30 minutes.

With allergy shots, serious and life-threatening reactions have and do occur.

My youngest patient was 3 years old with moderate to severe spring and summer allergies that did not respond to antihistamines. Within a few months of starting allergy drops, she was completely free of allergy symptoms and rarely has the need to use allergy medication.

Will sublingual Natural Allergy Drops interfere with any of my medications?2024-02-03T21:27:56+00:00

No, sublingual allergy drops do not interfere with any medication. They are naturally occurring substances in the air we breathe in our homes and outdoors and can be safely used by almost any age group.

Who can use sublingual Natural Allergy Drops?2024-02-03T21:27:14+00:00

Anyone with allergies to pollen, mold, dust mite and pet dander can benefit and use sublingual Natural Allergy Drops. They are safe and effective in both children and adults. Allergy injections on the other hand are potentially dangerous and not well tolerated in children. In fact, allergy injections are rarely given to children under the age of 12.

How do sublingual Natural Allergy Drops work?2024-02-03T21:26:29+00:00

Like traditional allergy injections, a tolerance or immunity develops. Your immune system neutralizes these allergens and eventually your immune system will ignore them and allergy symptoms will improve.

Can sublingual Natural Allergy Drops treat pet allergies?2024-02-03T21:25:25+00:00

Using sublingual drops to treat pet allergies has been quite effective. Many of our patients that were previously sensitive to pets can now tolerate their dogs and/or cats with minimal to no symptoms.

What are sublingual natural allergy drops used for?2024-02-03T21:23:28+00:00

Like allergy shots, sublingual Natural Allergy Drops are most effective in treating people with seasonal and chronic year-round allergies, allergies to dogs and cats, nasal congestion with snoring, sinus problems and post-nasal drip as well as allergic asthma.

Natural Allergy Drops modify the immune response and treat the cause rather than the symptoms, while allergy medicines only treat symptoms.

What are allergy drops?2024-02-03T21:19:34+00:00

Natural Allergy Drops contain naturally occurring airborne substances like pollens, mold, dust mite and pet dander. These substances are in the air we breathe outdoors and in our homes.

Sublingual allergy drops are not medications. Allergy drops are made from the same FDA-approved allergy extracts used in traditional allergy injections to treat people with allergies, sinus symptoms, and asthma.

Allergy drops under the tongue are the most effective way to treat the CAUSE of allergies.

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