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Natural Allergy Drops

Allergy & Sinus Center​​​

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Treat the cause of your 

allergies not  symptoms!



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Sublingual allergy drops replace allergy shots, reduce medication and 

treat allergies caused by


Pollen, Mold, Dust Mite & Pets

Do you cough, sneeze or wheeze near dogs or cats? Allergy drops treat dog and cat allergy symptoms. 

Allergy drops are personalized 

for your specific allergies. 

Common allergy symptoms

Nasal congestion - Snoring

Postnasal drip and cough

Sinus pain and infections

Wheezing - Sneezing 

Year round cold symptoms and infections

 Allergy drops are safe for adults and children.

Treat yourself at home

    No office visits or copays

Allergy drops are mailed to your home every month

**John Hopkins University uses the same method or treatment for their allergy patients. 

Telephone consults available after completing allergy history form!
  • Our allergy drops contain 100% FDA approved ingredients the same used in allergy shots.  
  • Allergy drops are not covered by insurance.   
  • Telephone Consults are available after completing allergy history form



A. Mastrosimone, 


Allergist for 55 years.

No allergy Shots!

Best and most effective allergy treatment for children and adults

  • Antihistamines treat symptoms.
  • Allergy drops treat the cause
  • Same treatment method used by John Hopkins University

Dr. Lin at John Hopkins 

on Sublingual Drops

How to use simply Saline for sinus, allergies and postnasal drip

*NOTE: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are offering Telephone Consultations.  

Complete Allergy History Form and allergy drops will be sent to your home. 

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