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Treat the cause, not symptoms with the best remedy for allergies !



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Allergy drops - treat seasonal and year round allergies. 

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Sublingual Allergy drops treat allergies, sinus, asthma 

caused by pollen, dust mite, mold and pets. 


Safe, convenient at home treatment for children and adults. 


No trips to the doctors office, co-pays or painful allergy shots.


Switch from shots to drops today!


Allergy drops contain the same 

FDA approved ingredients found in allergy shots.   


  • Download and complete history form for a free online consultation.   
  • Allergy drops are mailed directly to you - begin the desensitization process immediately!         ‚Äč

Explore our website to find out more about our treatment method. Discover how stay-at-home treatment lets you avoid doctor visits, co-pays, and the inconvenience of painful and potentially dangerous allergy reactions. 


Email: [email protected] 

*NOTE: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we will be postponing visits to the Allergy and Sinus center. Instead, we will be sending our allergy drops to your home. 

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